How to Become a DJ and Be Famous

Becoming A DJ

People that have been to clubs may really enjoy the atmosphere and the DJ that is providing the tunes.  Some individuals are even inspired to do this themselves.  This may lead them to a search on how to become a DJ.

Find Your Environment

The first thing that you really have to do is find your environment.  You have to decide if you are interested in rock, pop, techno or R&B venues.  You may choose to do all of the above, but you have some focus on your audience.  Anyone that wants to know learn how to become a DJ has to first know how to move your potential crowd.

Get Some Equipment

Don’t go overboard, but you will need to obtain some basic equipment to get started.  This includes headphones, a mixer and turntables.  You may actually substitute the turntables with CD players or a laptop with audio mixing software.  It really just depends on the format of your music collection.

Collect Some Music

The average person has a collection of their favorite albums.  This is great for individual listening, but it’s hardly enough to entertain a collective crowd of people.  Do yourself a favor and check out the Billboard or iTunes.  Check out what is hot right now and buy it.

It’s also good to simply have an ear for the classics as well.  You may want to mix things up with classic cuts in between some of the newer songs.  You have to be diverse even if you only stick to one music genre.  You still need an extensive collection.  You music collection will be your primary method to getting your new DJ career off the ground.  A DJ has to be able to switch things up if the crowd isn’t feeling the music.  You can’t do this unless you have an extensive music collection.

Make a Mix and Listen to It

Don’t just assume that you have skills without putting them to the test.  You may have a great ear for music, but a lot changes when you are put under pressure to keep things moving.  A DJ can’t just live in the moment with the audience.  They have to think three and four songs ahead of the crowd.  Anyone that wants to know about becoming a DJ will need to be mindful of the continuous mix.  They need to be able to blend songs together effortlessly.  The big thing in today’s world of mixing is the mash up.  A DJ needs to have to ability to take songs and blend them with instrumentals from other popular songs.  This takes practice.

Learn the Craft

You may be a natural at this.  Your mix may be a magical compilation of some of the best music on the planet. This is possible.  It is more likely, however, that you will need to develop your skills.  Get on line and watch videos.  Go to clubs and simply listen to the way the DJ keeps the crowd’s attention.

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