How To Become A Detective

How To Become A Detective

Are you choosing to become a detective? Well, you can start by distinguishing which kind of detective you want to be because there are several kinds of detectives all which require varying training and skills. These are police detectives, FBI detectives and even a private investigator is a detective. Even the work of all these detectives varies a lot so you need to know where you fall to begin training. There are institutions that offer training for all these types of detectives to those who want to become detectives. Depending on the kind of detective you will be training on, the time you will need to take on training will also vary a lot.

A police detective will need to be a patrol officer first before becoming a detective in the force. The time you will require as a patrol officer is a total of five years as a patrol officer then you can become eligible to promotion to a police detective. It is good to know that it is unheard of for a detective to be hired from outside. All police forces hire detectives from within by promoting qualified patrol officers who show great skills in becoming a detective in the police force. A high school diploma is mandatory but to have a competitive edge you will need a college degree. Specializing in Criminology or Criminal Justice will help a lot as well as learning a second language. This is the education requirements for becoming a police detective.

You will spend around three months in the police academy learning all aspect related to your new work.  Learning of all constitutional rights, State laws and local laws will also form part of the training. While working as a patrol officer, you will be promoted to a sergeant then to a police detective. Communication skills, physical stamina and quick decision making are some of the qualities required. S private investigator is one detective who is not government related in any way of their work. Such detectives are hired by civilians, attorneys and organizations too. To become this, you need to confirm with your state to know what is needed for getting the proper license. Different states have different requirements for private investigators. The private investigators are also known as PI’s. Having a PI degree from college will be a plus for this career. Some working experience will be ideal in order to get good jobs in the future.

The federal government goes to the FBI which stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation when it wants someone to investigate anything for them. There is a lot that the FBI is asked to investigate which include but not limited to national security matters and criminal offenses. In most cases the investigations will be surveillance, undercover and or even forensic activities. Surveillance is monitoring the movement of someone. A degree in Criminology or Criminal justice, three years experience and aged between 23 to 26 years of age when joining are some of the things you will need to become an FBI detective.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to become a detective, feel free to leave a comment below.

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