How To Become A Dental Hygienist

How To Become A Dental Hygienist

How To Become A Dental Hygienist is a good question to ask yourself when considering your future career path.  A fact to remember is that dental hygiene is a very competitive field and getting accepted into one of the best dental hygiene schools can sometimes prove to be a bit complicated for some.  Once you decide this is the path for you, it is important to prepare yourself by taking the pre-requisites required for acceptance into a dental hygiene program. The pre-requisite courses are typically anatomy, chemistry, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, public speaking, writing, algebra and multiple humanities and social sciences. One can complete these courses at just about any local community college.

Once accepted into an accredited dental hygiene school the programs take anywhere from two to four years to complete. The classes are hands-on with designated clinic days and obviously, you will work under direct supervision.

Still asking, How To Become A Dental Hygienist, then the next step after completing and passing dental hygiene school is to pass the National Dental Hygiene Board exam. This test is mandatory prior to graduation. Remember all dental hygienists are state licensed and the specifications required of you vary from state to state.  So the logical next step is to then pass your states regional clinical exam. For this test you are actually graded on a live patient.  In some states you will also have to pass a test for local anesthesia.

Becoming a dental hygienist can be a very rewarding choice of careers. There’s a lot more to being a dental hygienist than just cleaning teeth. Hygienists also have to give Novocaine injections, take x-rays, deal with a lot of blood, see bad cases of gum disease, deal with crying children, deal with crying adults and then there are the biters, ouch! Preaching preventative maintenance is an extremely important part of the job, and genuinely wanting to help people to like what they see when they look in the mirror and smile, should be the greatest reward to a dental hygienist.

So we’ve answered the question How To Become A Dental Hygienist, right?  It’s simple, just go to one of these accredited colleges that offer the best dental hygiene programs. Some popular colleges to look into are Miami Dade College, Ohio State University, New York University, the College of Southern Nevada, the University of Southern California, Broward College and West Virginia University. Tuition varies from one college to another ranging from around $28,000 to as high as $57,000 a year.  Some colleges and universities charge beyond your tuition for lab fees, uniforms, tools and fingerprinting and criminal background checks.

It is definitely worth all the time and effort you put into becoming a dental hygienist. This is a career that will provide you with an excellent salary, great benefits and a pretty flexible schedule to work with. Some dental hygienists make up to $36.00 an hour.  You do the math, that’s $69,120.00 a year before taxes.  Not bad, huh?

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