How Much Does Carpet Cost

How Much Does Carpet Cost

The question of how much does carpet cost is one that is very common, especially amongst people who want to renovate their houses or for those who want to decorate their homes. Generally, the type of a carpet is determined by many other factors such as, the material of the carpet. Carpets are made from a variety of materials such as, polyester, nylon, olefin among others. Another factor that determines the price of a carpet is the size of the carpet, how big or how small you want it. Additionally, there are many types of carpets to choose from and their cost depends with how they are made. For example, some carpets are printed while others are woven. Carpets are also either man made or natural and this has been known to also affect the price. Another factor to consider is also the texture of the carpet. For us to answer the question of how much does a carpet cost, let us look at the different types of carpets and their prices.

Sisal carpet; this type of carpet is a natural carpet and is made out of sisal. Normally, it’s made by twisting yarn tightly,  which makes it to be very stiff and it is recommended to be used where there is a lot of traffic like, along office corridors. The price ranges from $25 to $50. One thing about the sisal carpet is that you can dye it to your color of choice.

Saxony carpet; this type of carpet is a man-made carpet and is made by twisting two fibers tightly and then straightening them out by heating them to make them smooth. This type of carpet is mainly used houses and especially the bedroom. It costs around $25 to $39.

Patterned carpets; this type of carpets are very beautiful because of their patterns and the colors used on them. It is also a type of a man-made carpet and it has a very soft and velvet feel to it. It’s more commonly used in the living room because of its beautiful patterns and colors. It costs around $15 to $ 40.

Jute carpet; this is another type of a natural carpet and it’s commonly known for its beauty and comfort. Compared to other types of natural carpets it’s much softer and because of this, it does not last long. I costs around $15 to $30.

Velvet pile carpet; this type of carpet is also from the family of the man-made carpets. It is made by cutting it severally into lovely plush and after that, finished off by spraying velvet sheen on it. It is known as one of the most luxurious carpets and is mostly used in the living area and in the dinning area.

Coir carpet; this is also another type of the natural carpets family and its very strong in nature. It costs $5 to $20.

With this the question of how much does carpet cost is answered.

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  1. Carpet Eden Prarie says:

    The sisal carpet recommendation for high-traffic areas is definitely a good one. Because the carpet is wound so tightly, it tends to protect itself a bit better than other types of carpet.

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