How Long Does It Take To Become A Doctor

How Long Does It Take To Become A Doctor

If you have been wondering how long does it take to become a doctor, then here are some ideas explaining this. Before deciding to become a doctor, one should really try to think through this decision. This is because doctors are some of the most important people in the society because they take care of sick people. This requires them to have a heart of helping people and relieving them of their pain. They are also some of the professionals that have relatively longer hours of working than other professionals. Their working hours can be unpredictable and can extend up to 60 hours a week.  However, being a doctor is also very rewarding in many ways. The feeling of seeing someone completely healed can be fulfilling, there is a lot that doctors learn throughout their career and they are also some of the best paying jobs, however this will depend on specialization and where one works.

The journey to becoming a doctor begins early in life to be precise in high school. Some of the subjects that one should take in high school for preparation to joining medical school after college are chemistry and biology. It is very important for one to excel in math and sciences in high school to build a strong foundation. Scoring high scores in the SAT before graduating from high school is also very important because you will then have more course choices in college to prepare you for medical school. The rigorous science and pre-med training in college enables students pursuing this profession. College takes four years to complete and this is the first rigorous training that one goes through strictly pursuing a medical profession. After successfully graduating from college, the next place to get further training is medical school. However, a student will have to sit for and pass the Medical College Aptitude Test before graduating from college. To be able to join medical school one needs to have good test scores and exemplary academic transcripts.  It takes another four years to complete all the classes and tests in medical school before graduation. However, depending on the degree courses taken, one can also take six to seven years to graduate. This is the case for a student taking a joint Bachelor of Science and M.D degree courses concurrently. However, each medical school has its own requirements which might determine how long a student will take in school.

Now, the student has graduated as a doctor but is yet to start practicing because is not licensed. To get licensed as a doctor, one needs to complete an internship program which is in a hospital or residency. It is stated by the Department of Labor that the internship might take from a year to eight years. After completing the internship, the student will be licensed as a doctor and can start practicing. So, the answer to your question of how long does it take to become a doctor, one will need to invest a total of about 10-12 years minimum unless you have some serious luck or connections.

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