How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You

How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You

One of the most common difficulties in romantic relationships is deciphering whether a potential mate likes you. In other words, no woman wants to get her hopes up, only to be let down, so she would rather know if a guy likes her before she makes any move — even if it is to run away. Luckily, there are ways to tell if a guy likes you without coming right out and asking him. Every person gives off signals of attraction and, while they differ some from person to person, they are a good indication of what that person is feeling.

When a man or a woman is turned off by a potential mate, they will turn their bodies away from them, if even slightly. They will not encourage closeness, particularly with the front of their bodies. If a man likes you, he is likely to face you from head to toe. If you are sitting, he may sit next to you, leaning slightly toward you or comfortably moving his head to face you when speaking. Of course, people always have to turn their back on others while moving about, so this rule only applies to social settings where two individuals would face each other.

Another common sign of a guy liking a woman is direct eye contact. Now this sign could simply indicate sexual attraction or friendship, but it definitely does not indicate dislike. Direct eye contact is typically an indicator that a person is interested and wants you to know that. It also shows a level of comfort, so a guy who tends to be shy may like you and not look you directly in the eye. He may nervously look around or focus on an object. In this case, you will be able to tell he is interested by his responses to you and indicators that he cared what you had to say.

Men tend to want to touch women they like. Therefore, you may find a guy who is attracted to you will sit close enough to you to brush up against you. This is a better indicator when there is room for him to have sat elsewhere or further away. He may touch your arm when he speaks to you or put his hand in the small of your back casually when the two of you are filing through a door. Chances are, if he does not like you, he will not touch you. However, it is important to remember that friends sometimes touch as well. Does his head dip down toward you even slightly when he touches you? Does he seem to stand closer when he does it? Either of those is a good indicator of attraction along with touching.

The most obvious sign that a guy likes you comes out of his mouth. Guys like to touch girls, they like to look at them and they like to be near them. However, they usually do not waste compliments. If they take the time to compliment you sincerely or take an interest in things that typically bore men, like what you are wearing, attraction is virtually definite.

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