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Furniture Fix

If you’ve ever sat down on a favorite piece of furniture to find yourself slipping down into the recesses of worn springs and flat cushions, you’ll immediately understand the appeal of Furniture Fix. This product is designed to solve the problem of sagging upholstery by providing a secure layer of support beneath the cushions.
Furniture Fix is a series of interlocked panels that are placed beneath the cushions of furniture to keep the cushions from sagging into worn upholstery. These panels are thin and lightweight, but their appearance shouldn’t deceive you. They are extremely strong and can support even the weight of heavy regular use. Where you once would have had to replace upholstery, or even an entire piece of furniture, you can now stretch your every dollar to the max by sliding in a simple layer of Furniture Fix to extend the life of your furniture.
You can use Furniture Fix on nearly any piece of furniture. It will support sagging couches, loveseats, chairs, recliners and even beds. Customize the length of the piece by adding as many or as few of the thin interlocking panels as you need. For wider furniture, the panels can be staggered to evenly cover the area. Lay the interlocked panel across the center of the furniture seat. Pull every other piece forward till it lines up perfectly with the front of the furniture seat. Then, slide the remaining panels backward so they line up with the back of the furniture seat. With this configuration, part of every panel will cover the center of the seat where the furniture needs the most support, while half of the panels give added coverage at the front and back edge.
The smoothly interlocking panels are easy to adjust to fit any piece of furniture. A standard set includes six panels which is what you’ll typically need to cover a single chair. With two sets – a total of 12 panels – you should be able to cover a standard sized couch. For $14.99 plus shipping and handling, you can receive two sets of Furniture Fix panels along with a free set of four furniture movers and a free couch pouch. This packaged deal provides everything you’ll need for a mini makeover of your living room.
The furniture movers are small round disks that are placed beneath the feet of heavy furniture. The smooth underside of each furniture mover makes it easy to slide furniture in and out of place – perfect for vacuuming around big pieces or rearranging the room. The couch pouch is a fabric organizer that can be hung over the arm of any piece of furniture. It holds all your essentials like remotes, magazines and TV guides.
Furniture Fix is a simple answer to worn pieces that will help you extend the life of every piece of upholstered furniture in your home. It can also give you a new eye toward used pieces you might otherwise pass up. These supportive panels can give new life to sagging garage sale finds.

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