Four Steps on How to Get Ripped Fast

How to Get Ripped Fast

Every man wants to have ripped abs.  Ripped muscles do not only make men the epitome of fitness, they also make them very appealing to ladies.  This is why most men would want to know how to get ripped fast.

It is not possible to develop muscles right away.  This takes a lot of discipline and determination.  Right weight training, proper nutrition and aerobics are all vital to muscle building. These are the steps on how to get ripped fast:

1. Focus on fat loss.  If you have excess fats in your body then the most basic step to focus on is to lose the fat particularly in the abdominal region. To bring out the desired muscles, men must have at most 10 percent body fat.  2. Exercises.  This is the most crucial part in order to get ripped. The exercise routine should include cardio exercises which will eliminate the fat, weight lifting to develop lean muscles and abs exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

These three exercise routines provide specific benefits to muscle building. Cardio exercises can burn the fats.  To be effective cardio exercises must be done in bursts. This means the person has to alternate different cardio exercises for a few seconds. For instance, a person can do brisk walking for 30 seconds then break into a jog for 45 seconds then slow down to a run for 20 seconds.  Other cardio exercises you can combine include biking, swimming and sprinting.

Weight lifting will develop lean mass muscles.  Lean mass muscles will speed up metabolism. They help burn fat faster because the body keeps burning fat even at rest.  This is the reason why proper nutrition is vital to muscle building. Lean muscles are always hungry. Feeding the body with protein can help develop muscles faster. Do weight lifting at least twice a week for 45 minutes each.

Ab exercises will tone down the abdominal muscles.  The best ab exercises to do are squats, bench press and deadlifts – the three primary powerlifting exercise routine.  These three will produce the best and fastest results. Each exercise should be done in five sets for at least 5 times or at most 8 times. These will help you get the desired muscle definition in no time.

3. Designate a rest day.  You should designate one rest day every week.  This will help prevent injury. Working out everyday may result in a pulled muscle. The workout routine needs to be planned. It is necessary to instill discipline to be able to stick to the plan religiously.

4. Calorie plan. As mentioned earlier, developing lean mass muscle makes you burn fat even at rest.  This is why creating a diet plan is vital to the success of the regimen. Get at least 2,500 calories a day.

If you follow the steps on how to get ripped fast, there is no reason why you will not be able to develop six pack abs. Be patient and stick to the routine. Your efforts will be rewarded by that much coveted six pack abs.

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