Forever Lazy Review – How Effective Are They?

Forever Lazy

Forever Lazy is an interesting and unique fashion statement that may…or may not catch on.  At first glance, it can be easily confused with the ‘Snuggie’ that was marketed last year.  Unlike a Snuggie, the Forever Lazy is quite a bit more than a large patterned beach towel with sleeves.

Do you recall those one piece fleece pajamas one would buy for an infant?  Add pockets, a draw string hood, zipper and optional booties in an adult size – that is basically your Forever Lazy.  The features don’t quite stop there.  The designers of this garment actually added front and back hatches that can be unzipped so you don’t have to take the plush thing off in order to use the bathroom.

If that only put an odd smile on your face, then you haven’t seen the commercial yet.  After going to Youtube and doing a search for ‘Forever Lazy Commercial’ – which I recommend doing – it starts out like any other TV promotional advertisement.  About halfway through, it starts to get a little strange.  They only come in four colors.  People are starting to wear them outside at tailgate parties.  The benefits are delivered with a smooth voice as if being seen in these things are socially acceptable.  It’s when they get to the part where five people are sitting in a stadium to watch a game of some sort it gets hysterical.  “Uh oh, gotta go?  No worries.”  That’s when we get to see the zippered hatches for going potty in action.  It was here I almost hit the floor laughing.  I’m pretty positive that you’ll end up being forever lonely if you wear one.  Not that the product idea is bad, it actually sounds like a nice, cozy warm outfit.  It just makes everyone look like giant stuffed animals jumping around with goofy smiles on their faces.

If after seeing all the fuss and features of Forever Lazy and somehow, for some reason, you get the desire to spend money on this thing, you can pick it up online for the low cost of $29.99  This includes a second Forever Lazy free, so you’re actually getting a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.

The commercial does contradict the website offer.  Ordering it online only allows for three colors, not four as mentioned by the narrator.  The website for Forever Lazy states that it’s made of “100% Anti-Pill Polar Fleece” which would mean the fabric would let your skin breathe a little.  That’s actually a good thing, otherwise it might cook a person alive if the temperature rises above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If anything, the Forever Lazy might be a good idea for inside your own home, but most certainly not out in public.  It’s just too strange to see adults parading around in full body fleece pajamas, no matter how many attachments and zippers one might see.  I’ll give their marketing team kudos though, for trying to set a new trend.  It was a good try.

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