EZ Moves Review And Details

EZ Moves

“Just lift, place, and slide!” The advertisements for the EZ Moves furniture moving system claim that using this product gives you ten times your natural strength.  The product package includes a furniture lifter and an assortment of slides for use on hardwood, tile, or carpet.

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System works on the premise that it is easier to scoot a piece of furniture, a large appliance, or a heavy object than it is to simply lift and carry it. The manufacturers are correct.  They simply created a product that will make it easier for you to slide your furniture across the floor.

It works fairly simply. You can use the furniture lifter to lift each corner of your heavy item and place the slide underneath.  The furniture lifter is like a lever or a crowbar, specifically designed for furniture.  The lifter will not work for every single item you may want to move, but it will help you with many things.  Whether or not it will work depends on how much clearance you have underneath the item. You will nudge it underneath the furniture edge and press the handle down.  The furniture will then lift up, and you can slide the moving pads under each corner of the piece.

The pads are convex, foam-topped plastic, meaning that there are no sharp edges to snag the flooring. This will allow your item to glide across the flooring surface with less effort. The foam topping allows the furniture piece to sink down into the pad, and helps the pads stay in place as you move the item. After you place the pads at all four corners of the piece, you can slide the furniture anywhere you need it to go.

This product would be helpful for so many people. Single people, the elderly, the disabled, or even those who have a bad back would benefit from using the EZ Moves system.  By having this product on hand, you do not have to call in favors from friends to simply clean behind the couch.  You can move all of your furniture on your own.

So many people now have large king-sized beds or enormous entertainment centers that are a hassle to move.  If one wants to paint, rearrange the furniture, or simply clean behind something, it will take at least two strong people to move such large items.  But, by using the EZ Moves furniture moving system, one person can do any of those chores much more easily.

Some people do have a few concerns, however.  Some have mentioned that the plastic pieces on the base of the pads may scratch wood floors. These folks simply removed the plastic base one that would use for moving items on carpeting, and just used the soft part underneath their furniture. Then they were able to simply slide their furniture without marring their floors.

Sometimes when people move furniture, they slip rags or bits of cardboard under the edges of their furniture to help it scoot across the floor. That is one alternative, but since this the EZ Moves furniture moving system is easily found for about 20 dollars at discount stores, it would be a handy product to have available.

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