Edheads Brain Surgery: An Innovation

Even among doctors, brain surgery is considered a highly delicate procedure. A mere mention of the term would send chills to anyone. The brain is a very sensitive organ and in the hands of an inexperienced doctor, the chances of survival are very slim. And this notion has been maintained even in this modern age when the world has been a witness to great advancements in science.

However, to lessen the stigma of brain surgery and to make it more down to earth as a medical procedure, there exists a cartoon-like depiction of this procedure: Edheads brain surgery.

In the depiction of Edheads, the realities of real surgery are not watered down. In fact, it is still very graphic and this fact must be emphasized to prepare those who would be watching it. However, because of the unique presentation of the Edheads brain surgery, it becomes something that is not too intimidating and scary.

Included in the stimulation are helpful guides for teachers, which can aid them to explain to their students the things that are happening in the computer activity. This is a very important tool for those who would conduct the activity for their students.  The reason for this is that even though it is presented in a cartoon manner, the surgery is still a very complicated procedure and students, left to their own, might go to the other extreme of treating brain surgery lightly.

Along the way, there would also be quiz questions for the students. This way, they would not only be passively watching the procedure, even their own minds will be stimulated with thought-provoking questions.

In the Edheads brain surgery, a virtual doctor, Dr. Vanessa Mei goes through a whole brain surgery procedure, from start to finish. She would be trying to help a patient ease the effects of a movement disorder she is suffering from.

To maximize the virtual surgery experience, a key requirement would be an Internet access that would allow fast loading since the activity would be loading videos. Another crucial component would be the sound. As Dr. Vanessa Mei would be annotating the whole time, it is important for those who would be watching to have good speakers or even earphones.

With the technological advancements in the field of medicine, it is a welcome change that even in education, more and more tools are catching up and are becoming high-tech. Edheads brain surgery serves as an example that even the more complex and highly technical things in this world can be explained in a manner that would be understood by more people. This is particularly important because we know that the more we know, the more we understand. 

In the case of patients, this tool would help them understand what they are going to go through. This would help lessen their fear, because most of the time, people fear what they do not know. If they would see something similar to what they will undergo, it will help them see more hope in their situation. Even to their relatives, the cartoons would help them see that it is a procedure that is safe and is something that they should not be afraid of.

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