Do it Yourself Heel Spurs Treatment

What is a heel spur?  It’s a pain in the heel. The cause of this pain is the inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the thick, connective tissue that helps maintain the arch in the foot.  It is one of the major transmitters of weight across the feet as you run or walk.  That’s why, when we stand longer or even walk a hundred mile, we feel heel spurs. Women who wore high-heeled shoes complain about sore feet and more pain on their heels. If we feel heel spurs, we take off our shoes to get some relief.  But it’s not advised to walk barefoot when you have heel spurs.  Probably, if you experience this kind of heel pain, you will seek some heel spurs treatment.

If the heel pain is not so bad, you can give yourself heel spurs treatment just right at your own home. If you’ve done a long walk or have run a couple of miles, you will get sore feet. So once you arrived home, let go off your shoes. Give relief to your feet.  But don’t walk bare feet. You need to wear a supportive feet wear. Get an ice pack from your fridge and apply cold compress on the sore area 10 to 15 minutes.  It’s better if you can have a frozen 8-ounce bottle that you can roll on with your feet to lessen the inflammation.  You can also do some stretching exercises on your feet.  Roll a bottle back and forth under your feet and do this every day.

If your work requires you to stand most of the day or you need to be walking most of the time, once you’re done at work and went home, take a sit and relax your legs, especially your whole feet. You can do some heel spurs treatment at home using a medication, like some ointment to soothe the pain. If the pain subsides, and your back again to walking or standing, you should wear shoe inserts to prevent it from coming back.  Shoe inserts can be bought at a sporting goods store or you can have it made-to-order.

Doctors would recommend using a night splint for heel spurs treatment. A night splint is some kind of a shoe device, which helps your feet flexed while you’re asleep.  When home methods don’t do any good for your heel spurs, then you might need an injection containing cortisone to relieve the pain.  In worst case scenario, when all methods don’t work for you, a surgery will be recommended to correct some heel tissues involving the arch on your feet.  Surgery is done too loosen the plantar fascia, also known as plantar fascia release.

Surgery to loosen the plantar fascia is risky. There can be bad results after the operation. Aside from longer recovery period, it is hard to walk as our legs and feet bear the weight of the body.  Imagine when you try to stand up, the feet have to endure the pressure and it will be more painful.  It’s worse than heel spurs.

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  1. Reason says:

    This information is very helpful I have a friend that has been experiencing heel pain for about 3 months now, he stands on his feet all day as apart of his work. we thought that changing the shoe would help but I see that the root cause of the discomfort is bigger based on this information. i will be making a call to the doctors office to have this checked out.. Thank You so much Steve.

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