Common Signs of Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal canal. Signs of brain tumor may vary on its size and location. However, the size of the tumor does not affect the severity of the symptoms. Severe symptoms can be caused by tiny tumor.

The most common symptom of brain tumor is headache. Despite of the accompanying symptoms, recurring headaches should not be ignored.  Brain tumor headaches are most of the times accompanied by other symptoms like coughing, sneezing, bending over or straining when going to the bathroom.

The second most sign reported is seizures. Seizure should not be ignored whatever is the cause. It is a sudden, instinctive change in behavior, consciousness, sensation, and muscle control. Among the behaviors a person might do while having a seizure are: staring into space for several minutes or having visual disturbances like flashing lights and difficulty in speaking.

Like headache, nausea and vomiting are non-specific signs of a brain tumor. Most people who experienced nausea and vomiting do not have brain tumor. Nausea and vomiting that are accompanied by other symptoms may be caused by brain tumor, keeping symptom journal may help you and your physician in discovering the causes and patterns of these symptoms.

You must consult a physician immediately ones you have noticed trouble in hearing or vision. Seeing flashing lights, floaters and blurring are the visions problems you might experience. Ringing in the ears and one-sided hearing are disturbances in hearing that you should not ignore.

Strange sensations in your head or hands, weakening of the arms, legs, or face muscles are other signs of brain tumor. These could also be symptoms of stroke so consider it as an emergency situation. Dropping objects, falling, altered gait, or an asymmetric facial expression may be caused by these symptoms. They may also cause loosing balance or stumbling.

Slower processing speed of the brain can also be a symptom. Make a report to your doctor if it would take you longer to finish a task than you would in a normal way. These are tasks that need thinking like writing sentence, simple math, following a recipe or instructions, or setting up a chess board. Some people with brain tumor can be naturally experience memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

Adults may experience personality changes that are frustrating. These may be signs of a brain tumor as well. Sudden increase interest in sex, paranoia, social decline, and temper tantrums are of the possible personality change a person with brain tumor will experience. Laughing at things that are not funny can also be one sign.

Effective communication may also be lost to someone with brain tumor. Slow speech or slurring can also occur to them. Despite their effort to talk with right words, the sense may be light. They may include words that are not relevant to their sentence or the words may not be in order.

These symptoms may be cause be brain tumor or other sickness. If you think you have at least one of these signs, the best way to make sure is to consult a physician immediately.

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