Colon Pain: Watch Out For It

Most people have a tendency to disregard some minor pains that they experience, such as colon pain, because they believe that pain is a normal everyday occurrence. And it is true, the human body is built in such a way that it has the ability to heal itself and maintain equilibrium even without external intervention like medicine.


However, some discomfort must not merely be ignored such as those that are within the abdomen area. The reason for this is that there are a number of crucial organs in the abdomen and one would never know easily how serious the pain is. So in order to know for sure and rule out major medical issues, it is important that one seek immediate medical attention.


Examples of causes of abdominal pain include complications in the intestine, swelling of the liver, appendicitis, and the like. With all the organs in the abdomen, a series of tests would be needed but they are necessary in order to single out what the problem is and so it could be treated right away.


In the case of colon pain, one of the main reasons could be an infection. If you are experiencing pain coupled with high fever, plus weakening of the body as if you have just finished a triathlon, then it could be colon infection. One must not worry too much about it though, lest the infection be complicated more by excessive stress. There are available medications and with ample rest and good fluid intake, the infection could be managed easily.


If it has something to do with urges to defecate, then the culprit of the pain could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is painful and potentially embarrassing because it involves the urge to relieve oneself. However, taking the right medicine would greatly help to relieve the pain and control bowel movement. A reason for irritable bowel syndrome could be a diet that is not loaded with enough nutrition or it could be bouts of stress. This is a reminder that one must always watch what he or she eats, and that the right amount of sleep and rest are always a must.


Connected with the activity of eating, or overeating, is heartburn. One must always practice portion control especially during parties and buffet dinners because they cause too much stress to the abdomen. An antacid would help cure the pain, but in the end, prevention is always better than cure.


A more complicated form of abdominal pain is ulcer. In such cases, one must seek the help of a medical professional in order to get the proper treatment. When one has colon ulcer, it basically just means that his or her colon lining is inflamed. In order to prevent this, one always has to keep in mind that portion control during eating is very important, especially as one becomes older. Eating the right kinds of food and managing stress levels would also be helpful to the colon.


When the body is in pain, it could be a signal of something graver than one might expect. Proper medical attention is always best, especially in cases of colon pain.

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