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Champix, or Varenicline, is a medication that is used to assist individuals to stop smoking and break their addiction to nicotine. It is meant to be used in combination with counseling services as well as educational material as part of a smoking cessation therapy. It targets the receptors of the brain that are addressed by nicotine, changing the brains response to nicotine by deadening the desire for the drug and making it less desirable as well. Champix should be used under the supervision of a doctor. Even in a generic form, it is advisable to seek the advice of a healthcare professional in order to use the drug safely and be aware of any complications or side effects.
Champix involves a relatively short-term therapy. Individuals set a date for themselves to stop smoking. They will begin their medication which consists of one pill a day at first, then two a day for a week or two prior to their goal. They are to continue for three months after that date. Once three months have passed, they may be advised to use the medication for another three month session to ensure success. The same period is recommended for those who were not successful the first time around. They have to do some serious soul searching first and pinpoint the reason for failure. For the best success rate, people need to adhere to their schedule of dosage with care and use all components of their smoking cessation therapy. By being a part of counseling and education meetings, they have a group support element that is very helpful and boosts motivation.
There are possible side effects associated with champix. Some people have experienced dry mouth, nausea, changes in how things taste, abdominal cramping, and other digestive problems. Headaches and difficulties sleeping have also occurred. Other reactions of a more serious nature have been reported. Some individuals have had behavioral and emotional changes, depression, or thought of hurting themselves and others. Should any such severe reactions occur, it is important to seek a healthcare professional’s assistance immediately. In addition, that is why it is highly recommended to use this medication under the close supervision of a doctor with all other components of the therapy in place. Individuals can keep a journal of any side effects or reactions to keep track of how they are being affected. Family members should also be aware of when someone has started to use this drug in order to monitor their behavior and moods. Should the individual taking the medication begin to act differently, their loved ones can quickly contact the doctor on their behalf. This drug has good success rates with proper usage.

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