Can You Freeze Cheese?

Can You Freeze Cheese

Buying food in bulk and then freezing it is a great way to save money, and keep food longer. Can you freeze cheese? That depends on the kind of cheese you want to freeze. Hard cheeses such as Mozzarella, Swiss, or Cheddar can be frozen with great success. Softer cheeses like brie, or cottage cheese tend to not do so well when taken out of the freezer. The reason being is that the water content in those cheeses can lead to the cream separating in them and thus changing the taste and texture of the cheese.

Can you freeze cheese in a plastic bag? The best method for freezing cheese isn’t a plastic bag but in sturdy air tight food storage container. The cheese should be cut and divided up into several portions, because cheese will lose its taste if it’s frozen, thawed, used, and refrozen again. Making several portions to use for several meals is a good solution. Make sure that the cheese is warped well in plastic wrap before placing in the freezer bins, to help ensure freshness. The cheese can also be kept in its original packaging and placed in the freezer as is for quicker storage. Although cheese can be frozen up to 3 months, one it’s thawed its expiration time is shorter so be sure to use it right away. Before placing the cheese away mark the date when the cheese was bought to insure you’re not using year old cheese. To thaw the cheese, place it in the refrigerator overnight. If the cheese is left to thaw on the counter, the moister could cause mold to form on the cheese.

Can you freeze shredded cheese? Yes, those cheeses that come in bags can be popped in the freezer bags and all. Make sure that they aren’t soft cheeses. If you want to make shredded cheese with some of the cheese you’ll be freezing later, it’s best to shred the cheese now because when cheese comes out of the freezer it’s texture completely changes, it is near impossible to shred it then.

Can you freeze cheese slices? Cheese slices can be frozen, but will become hard to separate once thawed. To forgo this headache, consider place pieces of wax paper between each slice so that when thawed they come right apart.

Although the taste of the cheese will be the same, the feel and texture of the cheese once it’s been frozen and thawed isn’t the same. Cheese that has been frozen will become crumbly and should not be used for sandwiches, in party trays, or for crackers at parties. Using frozen cheese for casseroles, or sauces, or toppings on pizza’s, taco’s or burgers won’t make any difference and taste just the same. Frozen cheese is best for baking.

Make sure your cheese is free of mold when thawed, if your find that a corner of the cheese has some mold on it, just slice away the molded part and use as needed.

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