Best Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

If you just found out that your cholesterol levels are bad then naturally you will want to know what kind of foods to eat to lower it. When you lower your cholesterol levels you can protect your heart, especially if there is a history of heart diseases in the family. Cholesterol being a water repellent body does not get absorbed in the blood stream, but it is also important for the normal functioning of out body. Hence you have to maintain the cholesterol values and keep checking them regularly once you are past the 30-35 age. The American Heart Association and The National Cholesterol Education Program set certain guidelines regarding the cholesterol levels. A person with normal cholesterol level will have less than 200 mg/dL; borderline cases will have 200-239 mg/dL and high cholesterol levels are those which are greater than 240mg/dL. Your LDL, HDL and Triglycerides levels are checked to understand the real value. LDL is considered as bad cholesterol and HDL as good cholesterol. You need keep your HDL values high and LDL values low. Triglycerides levels should also be kept low because they are likely to cause life threatening illnesses. LDL levels should be kept below 100 and HDL levels should ideally be higher than 60. Triglycerides should always be less than 150. Actually, it varies from person to person and you can discuss more about your normal values with your doctor. However, you can eat a lot of different foods to lower cholesterol.

List Of Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Oats – You must eat oats every day to keep those LDL levels down. Examples of foods to lower cholesterol are apples, prunes, kidney beans, pears and barley. They contain a lot of soluble fibre and induce the cholesterol to get absorbed in your bloodstream. Six grams of oats in the form of oat bran or oatmeal is a must for everyone. You can eat it with milk or juice.

Fish containing Omega 3 fatty acids – You can try eating salmon, tuna, sardines, herrings and halibut to keep those levels down. They also have a number of protective properties and the ideal way to eat is by grilling or baking them. Don’t fry them – it will lose its original properties.

Nuts – If you thought that nuts had only fat content in them, then you must definitely try these foods to lower cholesterol levels. Hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts are all good for you. Eat right quantities of the nuts, they are rich in fibre and Vitamin E.

Beans and lentils are packed with nutrients and a good source of soluble fibre. They are low in fat content. So include these foods to lower cholesterol levels.

Olive oil – You can eat food cooked in olive oil. About 2 tablespoons of olive oil is good for you. You can prepare food in olive oil, sauté vegetables in it or use it as salad dressing. You can avoid other oils, margarine, fast food items, cookies, crackers and cakes.

Apart from changing your diet pattern you need to exercise regularly to keep those cholesterol levels normal.

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