Best Blood Pressure Monitor Types and Accuracy

Best blood pressure monitor does not come in cheap. But a lot of people, especially those with heart diseases are buying them to monitor their blood pressure level. Blood pressure monitors are used at home or are brought while travelling where they can’t easily go to a clinic to have their blood pressure level taken.

Heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes are most of the common sickness of today. Blood pressure monitoring device is usually used on people with these kinds of sickness. It is important to monitor the level of their blood pressure to avoid further complications. Recording their blood pressure accurately is important to determine if there is a change in their diastolic and systolic pressure.

The different types of blood pressure monitor are manual blood pressure monitors, digital blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors and pediatric blood pressure monitor. Each has its own uses, advantages and disadvantages. Doctors and nurses still consider manual blood pressure monitors as the most reliable blood pressure monitor. As long as you know how to properly use and read it, it gives accurate BP measurements. A stethoscope is also needed to measure the pulse rate; it has an inflatable arm cuff, gauge that indicates the level of blood pressure and the squeeze bulb to inflate the cuff. With all the apparatus included, manual or aneroid blood pressure monitors requires practice and patience to effectively use it.

Some consider digital blood pressure monitor as the best blood pressure monitor around and they are convenient to use. They are usually used as home blood pressure monitoring device because not much skill or practice is needed when using it. It is just strapped in the patient’s arm and it will automatically measure the level of blood pressure. It gives fast results and a wide screen to display it. But they are more expensive that the manual BP monitors.

Finger blood pressure monitor is the newest device for monitoring BP levels. It can be a good blood pressure monitor for those who take and record their blood pressure measurements regularly. It is portable so it can be brought anywhere and no extra apparatus is needed to get a reading. But it does not give accurate measurements like the manual BP monitors.

Remember that all these BP monitors have arm cuffs so be sure to buy one that fits you properly and comfortably. Know where to place them properly otherwise you will just get inaccurate reading. On digital BP monitors, it will display an error sign if arm cuffs are not properly placed.

If you are planning to buy one for personal use, be sure to make a research on the best manufacturers of blood pressure monitoring device. Different brands specialize in making different types of BP monitors. High end brands may be expensive but you are sure that they are well made. Also choose which will be the best blood pressure monitor for you in terms of easy usage and which one will give you the most accurate reading.

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