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Today’s population is becoming more and more concerned about health and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We’ve seen innumerable fads come and go in the health and fitness industry, but time and time again people abandon their diets for the foods they can’t resist.  Many people have ditch the carrots and go running back to their pizza and ice cream, but now they can do so with a new product that is the best of both worlds.

Yonanas is a new, easy to use machine that allows you to turn bananas into a delicious, frozen dessert that not only tickles that ice cream craving, but it’s good for you!  The process is simple.  You simply place a peeled banana in the freezer for 24 hours, run it through your Yonanas machine along with your other favorite frozen fruits or even chocolate, and then enjoy.  Healthy, low fat, and delicious frozen treats are now only moments away.

Yonanas is perfect for conquering that ice cream itch while sticking to your diet.  A half-cup of Simply Yonanas is approximately 100 calories and loaded with nutrients.  Bananas are full of potassium.  Potassium is a mineral that helps in the building of muscles, protein synthesis, and reduces muscle cramps.  It’s the perfect fruit for those trying to maintain their athletic physique.  Bananas also serve as excellent energizers.  Yonanas can be the perfect snack for those looking for a low calorie energy burst at anytime of day.

The great thing about Yonanas is it doesn’t ever have to be boring.  Yonanas doesn’t limit you to one flavor of dessert; your only limit is your own imagination.  Any frozen fruit, nut, or chocolate can be added when making Yonanas.  This allows you to mix up flavors and add variety to what may be a bland diet.  Adding fruits like raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries jam-pack your Yonanas with tons of nutrients.  Even adding a little dark chocolate can make Yonanas more appealing and full of antioxidants.  However, fair warning, adding other frozen fruits, nuts, or chocolate to Yonanas does add to the calorie count, but despite the few extra calories, you still have a delicious frozen dessert with a healthy, creamy fruit base.

There are literally hundreds of different Yonanas recipes available to consumers online.  The recipes include a wide variety of different fruits, chocolates, nuts, and anything else imaginable.  And even better, Yonanas is not limited to only banana based desserts.  There are plenty of banana free recipes just one click away at the Yonanas website.

Yonanas is available at many national retailors such as Target, Sears, and Bed Bath And Beyond.  You can even order your Yonanas online from the comfort of your own home from vendors such as Amazon or HSN.  Yonanas’ popularity is growing everyday as more and more consumers realize the true potential of this delicious, frozen dessert.  The product allows you to stick to your diet and cut out calories by avoiding sugary desserts.  Yonanas is proving to be the best of both worlds, proving that you can make your cake and eat it too.

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