A Look At Lower Right Back Pain

Lower Right Back Pain

There are many people who suffer from back pains without knowing exactly what the causes of their problems are and how to treat them. First, it is important to diagnose the exact type of back pain that you are suffering from so that you can be able to handle it properly. There are different types of back pains, and lower right back pain is just but one of them. This problem is sometimes known as sacro-iliac pain. Despite its numerous causes and the damage it can bring about to the patient, the condition can still be treated if the right medication is used.
Causes of the Problem Many factors contribute to the condition of lower back pain, but the leading cause is lumber strain. In simpler terms, lumber strain entails the tearing of one’s muscle fiber that is located in their lower back. Over usage of the involved muscles is the major contributing factor to lumber strain. For instance, if you involve your muscles in unsafe methods of lifting, then you can subject them to a lumber strain. The good thing with lumber strains is that they are treatable, and so are some other causes of lower back right pain.
The other cause of this type of back pain can be obesity. When someone is overweight, your spine ends up supporting a weight that is beyond its capacity to support. As such, it gets strained hence the resultant pain.
Bone growth has also been known to contribute to this pain. As the bones grow, there are chances of irritation that is caused to the spinal nerves and this can cause the lower back pain on your right side. Closely related to this is aging, and normally when someone grows older, their bones also deteriorate. Ideally, aging is not just limited to lower right back pain only, but also to many other joint and muscle pains in the body as well.

If you are pregnant and experiencing lower back pain on the right side, then the reason might be the stress being caused on your spinal cord due to the weight of the growing foetus. Other probable reasons for the cause of the pain could be:
• Kidney stones and • Tumors. Treatment and Prevention If you are experiencing any lower back pain, the best thing to do is usually to talk to your physician. He is the best suited person to diagnose the exact cause of your back pain after running a number of tests on you, including x-ray tests where possible. Consequently, the treatment will depend on the cause of the problem, and this might range from administration of simple pain killers to medications that can assist you to completely heal from the pain.
When it comes to prevention, it goes without say that basic health watch is important. For instance, if you are into lifting weights, instead of using your back strength to lift them, you can use leg strength instead. If you are obese, then you will need to cut down on your weight.
There are also some exercises that are recommended to assist you tackle the lower right back pain problem. Talk to your physician about it, they will be able to advice you accordingly.

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