A Look At Gastric Bypass Complications

Every operation has its complication, which is the risk that a patient takes as he or she agreed to go on with the operation. Other surgeries have their complications and risks as well, and it is the doctor’s duty to make it a point that these risks are a common knowledge to the patient who will undergo operation. If a patient really does think that it is the best option, then he or she must also be ready for Gastric bypass complications.

Anostomotic leakage is one of the gastric bypass complications; a surgeon would make a surgical connection between the bowel and the stomach. This is a water-tight connection between the two organs, made by sutures or staples. And, either staples or sutures can make holes in the bowel wall so a leak is considered the complication that can be expected with this operation. However, a surgeon has to depend on natural healing mechanisms of the body to cover the hole that was created in the operation. The sealing process of the body will render the operation complete. If the seal was not formed, gastrointestinal fluids will leak and can cause infections, which should be treated with antibiotics or another operation immediately.

Ulcer is also one of the gastric bypass complications, anostomotic ulcer may occur for different reasons. And, 1-16 % of patients who undergo gastric bypass operation are at risk from anostomotic ulcer. Possible causes of this complication can either be a restriction of blood supply compared to the blood supply of the stomach before the operation. Tension in the anostomosis can also be the cause of ulcer. The same goes with smoking, which is a bad habit altogether even without it causing a complication, and to the gastric acids in the stomach.

Anastomotic structure is another complication that a patient is at risk when he or she will undergo a gastric bypass operation. This occurs when the scars made after healing shrinks and the opening in the stomach becomes smaller. When this occurs, food cannot enter because the lining is inflamed, even liquid cannot pass through the lining whenever it had shrunk. There is a solution for this complication called gastroendoscopy, where a balloon is used to stretch the lining in the anostomosis. It is not only done once but it will depend if the shrinking had already been corrected.

Even the nutrition of a patient once they have undergone this operation is affected, the food that a patient takes in needs to be categorized whether it will be healthy for him or her. Certain minerals like zinc and iron may be deficient because of the difficulty of absorbing these minerals to the stomach. That is why taking in food supplements and other vitamins and minerals are considered important once the operation has been done. It is also vital that a patient keeps in touch with a doctor to make sure if certain pains are related to the surgery or to know what precautions should be done to avoid gastric bypass complications.


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