A Look At Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Review

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber

No matter where you are, you are going to run into leak and crack issues around your house, where a leak is going to cause the unwanted flow of water. This can occur anywhere from your rooftop to a pip under the kitchen sink. Often times, replacing and repairing the damaged equipment is extremely costly, not to mention you need to pay a considerable amount of money to have a professional just come out and inspect the situation. Some putties and tape help slow down the flow of water, but this is just temporary. If you are looking for a permanent seal to the issue, Flex Seal might be just what you are looking for. This is liquid rubber in a can, and after the initial application, it only takes a few minutes for the rubber to dry and block out the water from leaking out the crack.

Flex Seal comes in a can similar to a spray paint can. The product, when aimed at a crack or other issue in a roof, gutter or pip, grabs hold of the problem area, blocking out water from running out of the area. Of course, if the damaged area is larger than a small hole or crack, it is best to seek out professional help, as the issue is just going to grow. You can use Flex Seal to slow down and patch the problem area though, which buys you time to bring in someone to look at the situation.

One can of Flex Seal is able to to treat anywhere up to eight square feet, while the Jumbo sized can is able to treat up to 12 square feet, at most. In order to apply the Flex Seal to the designated area, hold the can roughly a foot away from the damaged area, then spray a large covering over the crack. You want to expand the coverage area to prevent the liquid rubber from peeling off. On top of this, you should apply several coats of the Flex Seal. Flex Seal typically dries without the first three hours, although if you live in an area with high humidity, it might take close to 24 hours to completely dry.

Flex Seal only comes in a black color, although it is possible to paint over the rubber once it has dried. Flex Seal should only be used with light water areas as the material is not designed to protect against heavy pressurized areas, nor with drinking water or gasoline. If you are not sure of what to use the Flex Seal product with, check the entire list of items Flex Seal is not designed for (this information comes packaged with the Flex Seal when you purchased the product.

Flex Seal is currently not available in stores (although that can always change). As of this time, it is only available for purchase online, at $20 for a single can, although you to receive a second can for “free,” although they charge you an additional $10 for processing, plus the shipping and handling.

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