30 Second Smile Review

30 Second Smile

Brushing one’s teeth is a very important daily task. People must brush their teeth properly in order to avoid developing cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other issues. Another thing that can happen if a person does not brush his or her teeth properly is staining. Teeth can become stained if they are not properly maintained. When one loses the coloring in his or her teeth, it makes the smile much less attractive. For that reason, manufacturers have developed a system in which individuals can obtain the very best teeth cleansing experience available. There is something called 30 Second Smile that can work.

What is 30 Second Smile?

The 30-second smile system is a specially designed electric toothbrush that brushes the teeth for the customer using the Bass brushing technique. The Bass method is a technique that helps to combat plaque by getting to tough to reach areas and stroking vigorously. The system brushes all sides of the teeth at the same time and proves to be more effective than regular toothbrushes and the human hand. Effective regular tooth brushing takes approximately three minutes, while this system takes only thirty seconds to achieve proper cleansing of the teeth.

Why use 30 Second Smile?

The system is excellent for people of all ages. Children do not always brush properly which is the reason why young people’s teeth develop cavities very quickly. The system is better for children because it does the work for them. The user does not have to brush. He or she would simply hold the unit up to his or her teeth and let it work its magic. The unit will work well with adults and seniors as well. Some people suffer from crowding and may have a difficult time getting to certain areas of the mouth. This system will reach places that no other system will.

Where to get the Device

Interested parties can try the device free online. The cost of the unit averages around $59.99. An individual who would like to try the device will be able to try it for a period of thirty days. If that person does not see results within 30 days, he or she will be able to return the package and pay nothing for the item. However, if the user does not return the device, he or she will be charged for purchasing it. Such is clearly stated in the user terms and agreements. The customer can pay for the item in one lump sum payment or in two installment payments.

The customer can have the device and all of its elements delivered overnight. The system comes with a designer stand and travel case, the smile unit, two sets of brushes, and a free professional tongue scraper. The brushes will be ultra soft and standard so a person with sensitive gums can benefit. The tongue scraper is necessary to remove bacteria from the tongue. The tongue quickly develops bacteria and is often responsible for bad breath in a person. The company provides this cleansing tool free in addition to the other items.

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  1. 30 Second Smile Reviews says:

    This is actually a surprisingly good toothbrush. When I first saw it, I almost laughed though. It looks kind of ridiculous. But a friend recommended it, so I gave it a try. It’s a little bit clunky in the mouth, but overall it does an outstanding job cleaning your teeth. I’m still having trouble convincing my family to try it. It’s too bad. They don’t know what they’re missing.

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